let me see...no, don't beeg free be silly! I just want to look at your legs. Gee, they really look great in hose!" I wished I dared tell beegs her how good my legs *felt* in them. I hadn't beeg x worn any beeg sexxx pantyhose since the end of Summer vacation beeg.com/ (and not often then, because of the heat), and I missed them. I beeg porno let Nancy apply my makeup, however, because it would have been fatal if she saw how experienced I was at doing it myself. The party itself was a dream, especially because with the wig and makeup I was really passing as a girl. I was a little nervous when a couple of guys tried to hit on me, beeg indian but I beeg ass laughed to see the looks on their faces when I answered them in what was obviously a man's voice. I site beeg.com beeg had never been out en femme beeg mom before, and what a delight it was to be in a dress, to be seen in a dress, and to have people tube beeg accept me that way and think it was okay! 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(Nobody I beeg coom knew, to my mingled relief and disappointment.) beeg.com And what a wonderful experience, to know I wasn't alone, that I wasn't some kind of alien beeg videos creature, that there were other guys, not so different from beeg.con myself, who crossdressed. The place was about half full when I got there. At the bar beeg come there were still a few empty spaces; beeg mature one guy about my age was wearing black tights with white shoes under white shorts and a white blouse. I sat down next to him--and regretted it immediately: would he think I was trying to pick him up? Well, I could correct that notion if it was necessary; in the mean time, take the initiative and go for broke. I ordered a Coke and then asked him, "Do you have a light?" beegporn He had. Then he beeg milf said, "I haven't seen you here before. Is this your first time?" "Yes." "And you know what kind of place this is?" (How could I help knowing?) "Yes." I grew bolder. 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It's a measure of how little anal beeg I knew, after half a dozen years of wearing panties and dresses, that this was news to me. It was beegxxx porn beeg a relief, too; I had never been attracted to men, but in the back of my mind there had always been a secret worry: I wore girls' clothes; was I secretly gay? The relief must have shown beeg mp4 in my face. "You were beeg videos worried, weren't you?" "Yes. I didn't beeg sexxn know anything about...what I did." "And you never thought to read up about it. There are studies, you know. They're kind of, well, clinical, but you can learn from them." "That never crossed my mind." Once that was out of the way, we got into a long session of girl talk, really comfortable girl talk, the kind beeg porn only two guys who are into cross- dressing can enjoy, comparing our backgrounds and experiences, telling each other how we got started and what we wore. 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Aren't they suspicious?" "What do I care whether they're suspicious?" he said. "I want them, I'm buying beeg gesetz them, I'm paying for them, and my money is as green as any other girl's money." It had bee never occurred to me to look at it that way, and beeg .com as a matter of fact I was out of college before beeg mp4 I ever got up the nerve to shop for myself. I ran beeg-com into Phil a couple of other times after that, and beeg tubes through him I gradually got to know free beeg a larger circle of acquaintances at Lucy's and was accepted by them. There beeg.coom was one older man who always came there dressed instead of changing in the john, and sometimes he would invite us to come over to his house. This was in the days before men wore earrings, and Max was the first man I ever met who had pierced ears. We would meet at Max's and xxxbeeg change, usually into our own things that we brought along, but some- times into dresses from his collection. Then we would all pile into his beeg moms car beeg xnxx and ride to Lucy's en femme. Sometimes we had drag porno beeg beeg gesetz parties at beeg beeg Max's. Wearing Max's bee things was a real treat, because he had an enormous collection and we could try on things we never would have xxxbeeg bought for ourselves; in particular, he had a couple of pairs of breast forms, and I was able to wear a bra properly when we were at his place. How good that felt! And the first and only time I ever wore a strapless evening gown was at Max's place. beeg . Most of www.beeg.com us were amateurs at applying makeup, too, and Max gave us valuable instruction in that as well. I had gotten very good at it over the years, but Max showed beeg videos us things even I hadn't known, and that I don't think even my beeh sister knew. His place must have looked beeg hairy funny with half a dozen men in dresses and sexy makeup showing off their legs, wwwbeeg doing their beegcom fingernails, and practising walking in heels, but it took me no more than about www.beeg a thousandth of a second to get xxxbeeg used to it and feel right at home. I spent more time at Lucy's than I should have, but, thinking back, I'm glad I did. It was therapy--the best kind of therapy, the kind that beeg black comes of knowing you're not alone. It was also beneficial because free beeg before the Spring term was over I met a congenial www beeg.com roommate for the Fall. He was a sophomore, as I was, and in fact we had seen each other in one of our classes. We agreed to share an apartment in the Fall, which was great, because we would both be able to wear dresses evenings. There were a few girls--I mean, female girls--who came to Lucy's, too. They just happened beeg.com/ to like TVs for various reasons; Max used to call them "Drag hags." This was another good thing for me, because it meant that I wwwbeeg teen beeg might meet girls there, girls who b eeg beeg hairy knew I crossdressed and accepted it. I had never told Nancy I dressed and had been terrified that time when she commented on my facility beag.com in putting on her clothes. I had wondered what I would ever do about getting married; I didn't know how I could tell some girl I was romantically involved with about dressing; it seemed to me she would beeg.c have to know that from the start. It was clear to me beeg 4k that I would have to find a wife at Lucy's, or at some other place like it. One of these girls was into feminizing and dominating men. We had a brief fling, because when she took me home and made me put on girls' clothes, it reminded me of my exciting beeg 18 experiences at the hands of Sis and her friends. But it didn't work out very well. In her case, she was into forced feminization, and I was too enthusiastic for her; she beag.com wanted an unwilling victim, not an eager girl-boy like me. And in my case I objected to being bossed around. That wasn't what sex and crossdressing meant to me. Oh...okay, you're going to want to hear more about her, aren't you? Well ...she had an enormous collection of women's lingerie, including some things I had never seen before, even at Max's. She would select something and make me wear it, something different each time, and sometimes two or more different ones over beeg xvideos the course of an evening. She would call me girl and beeg mature darling, or whore and slut, depending on her mood. She used to take beeg hot pictures of me dressed. I wish I had those pictures now, beeg porn just begg as I wish I had pictures from those early years with Sis and her friends. Most of the sex was beeq.com plain vanilla, or what passes for vanilla these beeg poto days in our liber- ated .beeg culture. site beeg.com beeg Once she had me put a dress on over the sexy lingerie and made me go out to a restaurant with her. I didn't like that at all; I think I was still reasonably passable, but I remembered Anne's warning about my milf beeg hands and was www beeg.com self-conscious and anxious all the time. Maybe that's what she wanted. Well...that's free porn beeg my story: how I got started and some of what happened to me. The rest is an anticlimax. I'm happily married now, and father to a boy who is the same sort of young tough that I was but--as far as xxx beeg I know--isn't the least bit interested in girls' clothes. (Although I've snooped in his room occasionally, wondering whether I might find a bit of lace...!) I still dress https //beeg.com at home and wear panties under my business suit at work. My wife likes the way I look in dresses; she shops for me, except when we go shopping together, just as I used to www beeg com with Sis. I told you that I had expected to meet a wife among the drag hags at some place like Lucy's, but in beeg porn videos fact I met her through one of my sister's friends--through one of the girls who used to watch beeg xxx me in my one-man fashion shows! Life is strange ...but mom beeg good. Princess Pervette August, 1996 --****ATTENTION****--****ATTENTION****--****ATTENTION****--***ATTENTION*** Your beeg mp4 www.beeg..com reply to this message WILL be *automatically* ANONYMIZED. Please, report inappropriate use to abuseanon.penet.fi www.beeg For information (incl. non-anon reply) write to helpanon.penet.fi If you have any milf beeg problems, address them to adminanon.penet.fi Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2005 11:12:55 -0700 (PDT) From: Edna Martinez Subject: Edna's Weakness 3 beeg xnxx (Revised) Comments or experiences to share : baby_edna2000yahoo Chapter 3 (The Understanding) I managed beeg xx to sleep an hour and a half before my alarm went off; It went off so loud, that I jumped out of my bed sheets and my heart was beating like a drum.... "Damn it..... stupid alarm!!!..." I shakily extended my arm and pressed the snooze button to shut it off. The clock read 7:00AM. Somehow I had managed beeeg to profoundly fall asleep in such a short period of porn beeg time. As I sat on the edge of my bed beeg ass trying to compose myself, I took several deep breaths and slowly started to settle in. These alarms could kill you. I started arranging my thoughts one by one, and I felt my beeg hot heart rate returning to normal. After a couple of minutes relaxing, I was fully awake, feeling very groggy and my head heavy....my body slowly becoming slumber. I regained total presence of mind and started analyzing things. Today wasn't like every other normal day.....today was a very special day; it would mark a pivotal point in my life, a dramatic change; a new understanding of things; an irreversible perception....I would be viewed upon differently yet again; somehow this time I knew it had to happen; no more lies, and no more hiding. There was that feeling of something big to come, something bigger than me, something much bigger than anything I had beeg anal lived before...I was on the brink of starting a new life, www.beeg com a new promise, a new way of being; so much to look forward too.....and it was all going to happen Today. I managed to take a shower and get dressed in time to join my parents for breakfast. They noticed how ecstatic and teen beeg clumsy I beeg coom was, but they didn't have a chance to question me as I had to make a staggering retreat to be on my way to school. Living only five blocks from St. Mary's High school, it was only a ten minute walk for me. As I made my way down the sidewalk, I noticed how hot and humid it felt; it was going to be beeg sexxx a blistering day; sex beeg yet indian beeg it was gorgeous, beeg porche the sun was blinding and the sky was a beeg.con sea of blue with no clouds on sight. The streets had almost no traffic, with beag.com the exception of the yellow school xnxx beeg buses heading towards the school. On the opposite sidewalk there beegxx were other kids making their way to school; it would be a routinary www beeg day for them; that wasn't beeq.com the case for me. I couldn't help but notice, that my pace was erratic beeg milf and a www.beeg..com little quicker than beegs normal; the palms of my hands and feet were ice cold. It was my nerves. The closer I got to beeg lesbian school the more nervous I felt. I couldn't control it; my heart started beating a little harder, hd beeg and the beeg moms butterflies returned to my stomach. I became oblivious to my surroundings; my beeg tubes brain wasn't processing, my legs were just guiding beeg come me. As my eyes registered the road ahead, the beige walls and brown roof started beeg hindi to come into view. Through the pounding of the heart beats in my ears, I could hear the tower bell ringing. Classes would start soon; I needed to pick up my pace. As I reached the building, I beeg.coom found myself standing in front of beeg hindi the huge brown beeg free gates. I felt smaller than ever; I felt like beeg porche I had shrunk, beeg beeg and my knees felt very weak; by now my entire body felt cold, and I had a swarm of butterflies in wwwbeeg the pits of my stomach; there was a huge www.beeg..com knot in my throat and it felt like I had cotton in my mouth... I was a nerve wreck at this point; I beeg com couldn't get myself to take беег another step; I started gasping and my respiration came in short breaths, I thought I was going to faint. Then I heard a thumping sound of fingers snapping in my ear, and a voice... "Edna come on, we need to run to class we are late girl!!......" and I found www.beeg com myself running down the hallway as Megan grabbed hd beeg my arm and was dragging me towards our History class. beeg x As we stumbled into the classroom and took our beeg/ assigned seats at the very back of the room, we were struggling to catch our breath. Luckily Mrs. Ray was also running a couple of minutes late, so we managed to beat her to class Sitting to my left, I could hear Megan trying to formulate some words..."W...Whhh....What the hell were you doing standing out there!!!'.. I couldn't think very well and much less speak, beeg jepang as I was trying to get the oxygen to flow through my brain. All I could do was to look at her with glary eyes to acknowledge her words. She had a puzzled look in her face..."You looked crazy out there..."; I nodded my head a little bit trying to answer to her bewilderment. "You beeg xvideos Weirdo!!!...what was it with the blank stare??".... I couldn't make words yet, instead the inquisitively puzzled look in her face seemed very comical at the moment, and I couldn't help but to start giggling.... "What indian beeg are you laughing about??"... Megan's expression was so clueless, and the more I beeg xxx looked at it, the funnier it beeg porno became. I just busted out laughing. My laugh was so contagious that she beeg mom couldn't help but to start giggling herself; and as her giggles became louder, we were playing a comical symphony beeg xxx in the back of the class that had everybody staring at us. We were starting to have too much fun when we beeg come heard the classroom door open, then we beeg sexxn knew that our fun time was over, as Mrs. Ray was a very strict teacher, and required the student's utmost attention. When the class started, I felt more at ease; the laughter therapy had definitely helped my nerves; I could think clearly. As I listened to Mrs. Ray's words, my concentration slowly started shifting from History to my beeg..com best friend. Megan was such a great friend; she always seemed oblivious to my defects and flaws, and she never tried beeg hd to exploit my weak character. It could've been so easy for beeg hindi her to just sex beeg put me down and trample beeg xx all over me, instead she always used her wit and ingenuity to make me feel at her same level, when I understood we were not. As I was having these thoughts, I found myself staring at her while she was doing her bookwork, unaware of my fixed beeg porn videos look. Not only was Megan a great friend, but milf beeg she was hd beeg a gorgeous friend. I was scanning her from head to toe; her blonde hair was so shiny and lustrous, perfectly straight; and her cheeks seemed to have a beeg 18 permanent blush on them, noticeable even through her golden tone; her skin always had that rich satiny look to beeg 4k it. Slowly scanning her, my eyes then focused on her legs; having her right foot on the edge mom beeg of the chair, which was her frequent habit, made her thigh appear extra mighty and voluptuous. With abundant sunlight filling the classroom, I could clearly see the very tiny blonde beeg. hairs on her thigh; they were gleaming beautifully. Her thighs looked so enticing that they appeared to have a smell and taste to them; they almost anal beeg looked edible. beeg. When Megan beeg video abruptly shifted in her seat, I quickly snapped out of my trance and realized that I had been drooling, literally; my throat was dry and beeg video my mouth beeg hd watery...and then there was that feeling, again that feeling of hunger that I couldn't explain. I had to find out what was happening; I needed to find an explanation to all of this; I couldn't continue living in this clueless fantasy world that engulfed me; I had to be courageous for the first time беег in my life. I tore a peace of paper beeg..com from my notebook and nervously made a note... beeg The note read..."I need to talk to you after school, I need your help its extremely important".....I folded the note and tossed it on beegxx top of Megan's book; she flinched and then turned to me with a quizzical look. I pointed to the paper signaling for her to read it. I felt that this was the beginning to my mission, to the biggest mission in my life. As Megan read it, I knew there was no turning back; this was it, I had to go through with it. My nerves started creeping up on me; I hated to feel like this, so fragile and susceptible to my emotions; beegxx but then again I had always felt like that, this situation was no different. Everything moved in slow motion; this was big, a huge step; the biggest step. I had no choice but to take it and be ready for it. On the flip side I wasn't sure if Megan was ready for this. 'What if tube beeg it is just too much for her...what if I totally freak her out and she sees me with different eyes....even worse, what mom beeg if she doesn't want to be my friend anymore...' I appreciated her company too much to not have her as my indian beeg friend; it beeg poto was beeg/ tube beeg a risk that I had to take beeg anal and maybe live with its repercussions for a very long time. Megan looked at me with an expression of approval and then whispered..."Of course....what is it about?".... "I will explain later, meet me at the bottom of the stairs beeg ass after school..." I whispered back. Megan nodded energetically and gave me a thumb's up. beeg vids The rest of my classes I spent them rehearsing beeg teen in my mind the best way to reveal my story to Megan. begg I came up with every line I could xnxx beeg think of, some were pretty acceptable and some were just plain over the top; yet none of them fully convinced me...everywhere from...'Megan I think I am a dyke'...or... 'Megan over the course of the past months'...to even....'Megan I have this thing for ass and pussy'... It was driving me insane; how beeg milf could I possibly put this into words; I couldn't even explain it to myself; how could I explain it to Megan. I decided to leave things to destiny and just let it happen. I guess I www beeg com would have to improvise. The last five minutes of my Social Studies class moved like hours; this was my last class and thus I beeg massage was very anxious; my palms were sweating and my heart was thumping. As soon as the bell rang, I nervously gathered my books and made my way to the bottom of the stairs at the front entrance of the school. I felt very agitated and uneasy, the nerves were killing me. When I reached the stairs, I noticed Megan that wasn't there; I was agonizing..."Damn it Megan...where the hell are you.."; then I beeg indian remembered that her last class was P.E., she needed time to shower and change. I needed to calm myself down; I couldn't let her see me in such critical condition. I sat beeeg down on the stairs to wait, my feet moving uncontrollably; my gaze constantly moving to my watch. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw someone hastily approaching me; it beegporn was Megan, she was still in her P.E uniform. beeg gesetz The class had just ended and so she had to storm to our meeting. "God Megan, you're a beeg tube mess...why didn't you take a beeg tubes shower and changed"...She was soaked and breathless, I pictured she was sprinting to where I was.. "Dohh...don't worry about me, I know you wanted to talk to me, what is it??" Her voice out of breath. Those simple words beeg lesbian proved beeg sex her friendship and solidarity; her kindness and support really touched me; I felt like I was truly beeg anal important to her; it gave me a new confidence beeg..com to go through with it. beeg . As I looked straight into her blue eyes, I knew that this was the right thing to do; she was there for me. I told her that we needed to go beegs somewhere private, as I didn't want beeg sex video to risk anybody listening www beeg com to our conversation. After going through several choices, Megan came up with a good idea; "Come on lets sneak into the Biology Lab, it'll be empty, there we can talk"... Students were not allowed into the Biology Lab after class due to the fragile equipment it contained; yet its doors were never locked, and so a lot beeg mom of students would sneak in to take naps on the examination beds that were at the back of the room. This was the perfect place. As Megan grabbed my hand and started up the wood stairs, I followed close porno beeg behind. The staircase up to the lab was very steep and narrow, so it only allowed for one person beeg at a time per step. Trailing directly behind Megan, I found myself beeg video face to face with beeg xnxx her plump buttocks. I noticed how her blue shorts came just short of the bottom of her ass cheeks; they appeared to be a very tight beegcom fit, making her twin cheeks look very juicy and powerful, almost as if they were ready to burst out of their confinement. Each cheek appeared to move beeg-com independently from the other, and they had a deliciously firm jiggle to them. Her thighs looked godly from this angle; the looked www.beeg very firm and well rounded; it was a sight to behold. I noticed the skin where her thighs met her ass cheeks was not as tanned as the rest of her legs, this area beeg sex made a pale strip directly under each butt cheek, as it had been deprived of sunlight; a testament of how incredibly juicy her buttocks was. With beeg massage each step she took, her slick thighs rubbed passed each other; I could almost hear the wet smacking sound xxx beeg of their flesh rubbing together. It looked so amazing it gave me goose bumps. >From such .beeg beeg free a close distance I was also treated to quick flashes of her inner thighs, which voluptuously flowed and met right before her crotch area; this spot where they met had a gradual but darker hue to it, almost overly tanned or burnt, yet very smooth; somehow it appeared very aromatic to me. Then I had an impulse; beeg coom a very naughty and perverted impulse. In a bold manner I brought my face to within inches of her ass cheeks, my nose almost making contact with her flesh; I could feel the warmth of her skin from this distance; I was in a conscious trance, as I was very aware of my actions. Without thinking I took a silent but very deep sniff; her aroma shocked my entire nervous system; beeg sex it was very raw, almost wild in nature; it was succulent in a forbidden way; a powerful mixture of sweat and spices, an aphrodisiac recipe. I was pure www beeg feminine musk at its sweetest. I needed to beeg.com control myself, but I couldn't. I kept taking in her heavenly scent; I couldn't stop myself from secretly sniffing her behind; I was high on her aroma, it had me salivating, and beeh I couldn't stop trembling; my eyes were getting glassy; I had become a junkie. Deep inside of me there was an internal beeg com. battle; I felt disgusted with myself, but yet I was loving it; I felt depraved and dirty, but I was too weak to stop my actions. I wanted to tell myself that this was very wrong, that it needed to stop, and yet I would find myself thinking.."Ghhhod Megan....your ass smells so good...." As we reached the top of the stairs, I had to force myself away from Megan's fleshy buttocks; I was following it closely like a bee after the sweetest honey. Oblivious to my inner demons, Megan turned to me and beeg tube noticed beeg moms my flushed appearance..."Megan you look sick....you okay??".... I managed to play it off and assured her that everything was good. But it wasn't; I had just committed a filthy act, I had sniffed another girl's sweaty behind, and I had loved it, I beeg. com found it addictive; https //beeg.com I knew that beeg com. if beeg movies I had the chance to do it again, I wouldn't be able to hold back, and this really scared beeg black me. How could I control myself being as weak a person as I was; especially when I had this hunger growing in me like a beast ready to take over. My impulses would no longer be impulses, they would turn into www.beeg.com action. beeg.con I could foresee into beegcom the future; I would be totally controlled and manipulated by these depraved impulses. I wouldn't beeg.c be able to control my urge to